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We have a great selection of football themed toys for children that your little football fan is sure to absolutely love!

Football Toys & Games

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Table Football

Time for a game of football with this brilliant value table football set.

Air Soccer Disk

Get sporty with an innovative hovering disk for indoor or outdoor play.

£7.99 £12.99

Magnetic Football Chart

A magnetic table to keep track of 92 teams in the top 4 leagues.

Football Game

One for the "footie" fans! A board game from Orchard, be the first to score a goal to win in this exciting Football Game.

CUBE BOOK - World Football

Full of fascinating football statistics because “Football’s not a matter of life or death…… It’s much more important than that” Bill Shankley. Compact, cleverly jointed cube book.


Our great range of football themed toys for children include a Table Football, a variety of fun football-related games and a magnetic football chart - which is perfect for keeping track of the top 4 leagues throughout the season!